Quilt - art




January 2010 - February 2010

SIZE (width x height)
88 cm x 110 cm
35 inch x 43 inch

I was inspired by the tendering of Prague Patchwork Meeting company. Subject of the competition was „WAYS” in terms of communication, development, recognition etc. I tried to realize a butterfly development from egg through to other development stages of cutworm, chrysalis until the finished individual is born and ready to start his life journey.

This wallhanging is made from three layers of textile fabrics (the top fabric or quilt top, batting or insulating material and backing material). There are hand-made and machine-made applications created by using patchwork method (small pieces of fabrics sewn together into a larger design). These applications are manually stitched on the background with hidden stitches. Applications are created from small unicoloured pieces and then manually and machinely sewn together. Some of them are decorated with rubber bands, beads, cotton or even stuffed with padding which gives you 3D effect.

The top layer is made from high-quality glossy textile material like chiffon, sateen and taffeta. These fabrics give you plenty of images and original look of the picture when different intensities of light reflection contrast with a glossy surface.

The Background is machine-sewn together from 13-pieces of light blue, grey, brown, golden and dark green colour.

The green leaf is three-ply application where the top and bottom layer are from the same material stuffed with fleece which enhances the thickness of the leaf. It’s hand quilted and decorated with 7 pieces of rainbowlike beads of brown shades. The Beads symbolize butterfly’s eggs.

The Flower is red, 12-pieces two-ply application. Petals‘ pistils are made from rounded red elastic band and the tops end with red wooden beads. The center of the flower is filled with green cotton thread.

The cutworm is made from 36 pieces of black, beige, light green and orange colour. Application is stuffed with fibre for creation of plasticity.

There was 15 small pieces of two different green shades used for chrisalis application. Also chrisalis is stuffed with fibre the same way as cutworm.

The butterfly sitting on flower is made from 54 pieces. The flying butterfly is from 103 pieces. Beige, light brown, grey, black, blue and red colours where used. Both bodies are stuffed with fibre. Feelers, sting and legs were made from rounded black rubber. In addition feelers are supplied with black wooden beads at the ends. I used bigger flat and tinny black beads for eyes.

The whole picture is only hand quilted using face and ringlet stitches.

The picture has 1 cm wide double sateen border. The blue part of the picture has blue border, the rest then brown.

The filling (middle layer) is from white wadding (thickness 2 cm).

The bottom layer of the picture is from light blue cotton. There is a light blue textile pipe on the top back side of the picture made for hanging on the wall and also textile identification label containing name of the picture, date and place of production and author’s data.