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Klimt-The Tree of Life:

Klimt-The Tree of Life


August 2009 - December 2009

SIZE (width x height)
50 cm x 87 cm
20 inch x 34 inch

I was inspired by „The Tree of Life“ painting from Austrian Symbolist painter Gustav Klimt (1862 - 1918), one of the most prominent members of the Vienna Secession movement.

This wallhanging is made from three layers of textile fabrics (the top fabric or quilt top, batting or insulating material and backing material). All textile applications are only hand-made and manually stitched on the background with hidden stitches. The quilt is decorated with various shaped and coloured beads, with single crochet applications and with embroideries. Only hand quilting was used.

The top layer is made from high-quality glossy textile material like chiffon, sateen and taffeta. These fabrics give you plenty of images and original look of the picture when different intensities of light reflection contrast with a glossy surface.

The background is machine-sewn together from 7 pieces of beige, orange, cream, pink, brick red and dark grey colours.

There are all together 418 pieces of miscellaneous shaped pieces hand-sewn on the picture (circles, ovals, triangles, squares, spirals etc.) in several colours (beige, orange, cream, pink, brick red, golden, black, blue, 3 shades of green, brown and bordó). Some applications are decorated with beads (10 pieces of flat pearl beads + 10 pieces of small black beads).

There is a very attractive hand-embroidered application of black bird in the middle right part of the picture. It’s embellished with 10 pieces of pearl beads and 1 piece of red bead.

Spirals are characteristic elements of the tree. They were created from machine-sewn tubes (cca 1 cm wide) sutured on the whole inside length and then formed into required shape by pulling basting thread. The spirals are hand-sewn on the background using hidden stitches.

The picture is hand quilted with face stitches using Stitch-in-the-Ditch quilting technique (sewing in the well of a seam).

The central part of the quilt is bordered with hand oversewn black frame decorated with 2 cm wide golden double binding (bordure). The whole periphery of golden bordure is hand-quilted with golden metallic thread using simple face stitches.

The batting (middle layer) is from white wadding (thickness 2 cm).

The bottom layer of the picture is from green cotton. There is a green textile sleeve on the top of backside in which you can insert a rod for hanging on the wall. On the right bottom of backside you find textile identification label containing name of the picture, date and place of production and author’s data.
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